1. 12V DC diaphragm water pump, build-in pressure switch in the pump, when you close the switch on the outlet pipe, the motor will automatically power off and stop working

2. Thick wires(0.75mm2), safety, reliability, high temperature-resistant, short-circuit-proof

Mount pump in an area that it wont get soaking wet. Its water resistant not waterproof.


Inlet water pipe: 1.5m/4.9' Feet

Outlet water pipe: 8m/26.25'Feet

Power Cord Length: 3M/9.8' Feet (With ON/OFF Switch)

Dimension: 160 x 100 x 60mm/

Power: 70W high pressure water pump with build-in Pressure Switch

Current range: 6A

Power: 70W

Working Voltage: DC 12Volt

Power connector: dash outlet

Pressure Rating: 0.9Mpa <Max>

Flow: 6L/min

12V 130PSI High Pressure Wash Down Pump Kit

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