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A dream realized.

As some of you know I've dreamed of designing my own hook for years.

Well back in December 2015 I took several of the top selling fishing hooks in the world today and started studying.

After countless hours of thought and bending hooks by hand and pliers I finally came up with a design.

So was born the ‪#‎madcatterhooks‬

A blend of a circle and kahle hook....

Super wide gap for large baits used today.

The back set tip of a circle for that self set.

The offset in 2 positions to function

as a traditional setting hook.

Back set eye for snelling.

Overall the best of both worlds.



And with a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee what do you have to lose??

Since that point we have striven to be the best at what we do. That's finding or making the best fishing products you can buy! Thank you all for the support. There's no way we could be where we are without you.

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